Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick

You can install JetStream Live TV on your Fire TV Stick.

Fire Stick Instructions

JetStream Live TV
JetStream Live TV
  • 1 On your home screen move to the top and then move to the right and go on settings
  • 2 Select "Device" or "My Fire TV". Then click on Developer options, and turn on ADB debugging and Allow Apps from Unknown sources then hit the home button on the remote
  • 3 Using the magnifying glass at the top left search for and install DOWNLOADER (Orange app w/ white arrow pointing down) then open it (allow permissions if asked)
  • 4 Type in
  • 5 After the download completes click install and then open when done and sign in with your username and password

Watch JetStream Live TV Using "Smart-STB" App on your Smart TV

Smart -STB is an App for your TV for you to watch IPTV services like JetStream Live TV with no extra devices.

During this process you will Install the Smart-STB App on your TV and then register the Smart- STB App on the Smart-STB website.

These similar videos are good to get going with Smart STB.

JetStream Live TV
  • On your TV remote press the home button and go to the content store or samsung store and search "Smart-STB" and install and open the Smart-STB App
  • When you see "Loading Portal" on your TV screen, press the enter button on your remote.
  • Go to System Setting and select Device Info
  • Write down The SOFTWARE MAC address to register the software.
  • SEND US The VIRTUAL MAC address from the TV screen by email or Chat 24/7
  • On your computer Go and register your Smart-STB software.
  • Enter the SOFTWARE MAC ID from the device settings page on your TV
  • In the "Portal URL" enter Finish creating your account for the Smart-STB App on their website and go back to the TV
  • With your TV remote press the back arrow, select restart, When you see "Loading Portal" press enter.
  • Select the Custom Portal. You will see a download bar climb to 100% and then the Categories will appear, Select your Category and select a channel and enjoy the best IPTV ever!
  • If you have trouble during the process, just restart your TV and pick up where you left off.

Please watch the videos and double check the instructions. Remember there are 2 parts to this process- on your TV and On your computer. Be sure you are using the correct IP in the proper locations. Smart-STB is a separate third party app that is purchased seperately from JetStream Live TV. As such we are really set up to provide support for the Smart-STB app itself but we make sure things are right on our end we will help anyway we can.

JetStream Live TV

Use "Smart IPTV" App to Watch JetStream Live TV on your Smart TV

Note: To use the smart IPTV app you will need a"M3U" url from one of our reps (or choose "M3u" as device when you order). Email us a or chat 24/7

  • Press the Home button on your TV and go to Apps/ search for the "Smart IPTV" App. Download, install and open the Smart IPTV app.
  • Write down the MAC Address from the TV screen
  • On your computer, Got to
  • Find the 2 boxes under the Heading "Add External playlist links(URLs) with auto updating.
  • In the box the says "MAC" enter the MAC address from the TV screen.
  • In the box that says "LInk" enter the M3U code that you must get from us at or Chat 24/7
  • click on "I am not a robot", and click on add link.
  • To complete the subscription to the Smart-IPTV app click on activations at the top of the screen.
  • With your TV remote, press exit and then re-open the Smart-IPTV app on your TV. Enjoy thousands of channels
  • Here is a helpful video
JetStream Live TV
JetStream Live TV

Watch JetStream Live TV on I-Phone, I-Pad and Apple TV

I-Phone and I-Pad use the App called "IPTV Smarters"

For more help Chat 24/7

Or email

JetStream Live TV

Watch JetStream Live TV on Android

Easy to watch on Android

Open your Chrome Browser, enter the APK into the address bar-

Follow on screen instructions.

  • Contact us if you need your username or password.
  • For android phone or tablet only.
  • For computers- use the "Watch Now" feature availble from the website header instead of these instructions.

For more help Chat 24/7

Or email

For more help Chat 24/7

Or email
or contact us on Facebook @jetstreamlivetv


Watch JetStream Live TV on XBOX ONE Using "MyIPTV Player"

  • On your XBox first go to App Store.
  • Find the App MyIPTV Player.
  • Download, install and open the app.. MyIPTV Player.
  • Email, chat on call us for the M3u code. you need to enter.
  • Enter the code exactly.
  • Choose and category from the drop down and then choose a channel.
  • Enjoy JetStream Live TV IPTV The Best Streaming Service!
JetStream Live TV