Please Open Chat Window To be connected to Order page

Please Open Chat Window To be connected to Order page

Do I need wireless internet?

JetStream Live TV requires an internet connection. Most devices such as phones and tablets use a wireless connection while TV's and Game Consoles can also be connected directly to your router with an network cable and this would be the best connection method.

Is there a contract or commitment?

There is no contract or commitment with Jetstream Live TV. You can pay for your service monthly or you can pay for more than one month at a time for a discount

Is there a credit check?

JetStream Live TV does not require a credit check and we will never require your social security number. If anyone ever wants your SSN for you to watch TV- Please tell them JetStream LiveTV told them to take a hike!

Does the price go up? / Is this a Promo offer?

Charges listed for Jetstream Live TV are the regular prices and the cost does not increase after a certain period of time. We are a little bit different than cable- Our distributors improve and upgrade servers and add services while never considering additional charges for our customers.

Is there buffering?

Yes. Buffering is still a part of all IPTV services. Internet providers are continuously improving bandwidth which decreases buffering and engineers with our distributor constantly monitor servers around the globe to optimize performance. Jetstream Live TV by far remains a better value for your TV dollars

How many TV's or Devices can I connect?

For the base monthly price you are able to connect 2 devices to Jetstream Live TV. Add another device for $9.95. All of your devices can be viewed independently anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

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