Trouble-Shooting Tips

Trouble-Shooting Tips

JetStream Live TV

Tips to Reduce buffering

  • Force Stop your app in your device's app manager. Also clear data and cache on your device.
  • Restart your device by removing power for at least 30 seconds.
  • Restart your Modem and Router (for fresh IP).
  • Run a speed test , looking for at least 25Mbps. Consider reducing bandwith consumption of other devices in your home.
  • Consider running an ethernet cable from your modem or router direcly to your device.
  • Use a different device to test service- phone or computer etc
  • Use a different network to check for improvement. Example Verizon or cell phone vs Comcast or landline.
JetStream Live TV

What we can do here

  • Verify username/ password and check account status.

  • Check user stats and connection. (Spice panel).

  • Log in on our device with customer credentials to verify service operation.

  • Reset password.

Smart-STB app

Smart -STB is an App for your TV for you to watch IPTV services like JetStream Live TV with no extra devices. 

During this process you will Install the Smart-STB App on your TV and then register the Smart- STB App on the Smart-STB website. 

These videos are good to get going with Smart STB.

JetStream Live TV
  • On your TV remote press the home button and go to the content store or samsung store and search "Smart-STB" and install and open the Smart-STB App
  • When you see "Loading Portal" on your TV screen, press the enter button on your remote.
  • Go to System Setting and select Device Info
  • Write down The SOFTWARE MAC address to register the software.
  • SEND US The VIRTUAL MAC address from the TV screen by email or FB messenger or call
    (888) 313-8504
  • On your computer Go and register your Smart-STB software.
  • Enter the SOFTWARE MAC ID from the device settings page on your TV
  • In the "Portal URL" enter Finish creating your account for the Smart-STB App on their website and go back to the TV
  • With your TV remote press the back arrow, select restart, When you see "Loading Portal" press enter.
  • Select the Custom Portal. You will see a download bar climb to 100% and then the Categories will appear, Select your Category and select a channel and enjoy the best IPTV ever!
  • If you have trouble during the process, just restart your TV and pick up where you left off.

Please watch the videos and double check the instructions. Remember there are 2 parts to this process- on your TV and On your computer. Be sure you are using the correct IP in the proper locations. Smart-STB is a separate third party app that is purchased seperately from JetStream Live TV. As such we are really set up to provide support for the Smart-STB app itself but we make sure things are right on our end we will help anyway we can.